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Wonderful grand annual meeting 2020-01-18


On January 11, 2019, our Auplex group held a grand annual meeting. Guests, employees, family members and suppliers who arrived at the site were more than 450+. Next, I will lead you to enjoy the atmosphere of the site!


Annual meeting scene, the company's program is better than one!First the surprise show of executives dressed as men was greeted with cheers.Can you imagine?They used to be leaders in suits, and now...




There are also wonderful dance programs, girls graceful dance is to attract countless applause.



The chorus sang the heart of every employee of our company...


There are more funny sketches to make the guests laugh......


Our every program is always around our corporate culture, so the morale show is to show that each of us are in high spirits.We put on our uniforms and shouted out our strength...





What's more, our company's program has won a high honor!It is worth our efforts to rehearse for more than a month...


The splendor of the annual meeting can by no means be expressed clearly in a few words!It will always be remembered in the hearts of everyone who participates!

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