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Come on !Kimstone ! 2020-03-20


As we all know, the coronavirus has had a huge impact on the economy of China and even the world this year.


In order to return to production as soon as possible and meet the delivery time of customers, our company has been allowed to return to work in advance by the government.  In order to protect the health of workers, we conduct a comprehensive disinfection of the company every week.Everyone needs to take their temperature and wear a mask when they enter the company every day!



In order to ensure the customer's delivery time, the workers in  KIMSTOEN are working overtime!Everyone is very conscious of wearing a mask, even meeting can maintain a distance of more than one meter, in the premise of ensuring their own safety to ensure the smooth progress of the work!


Now the virus in China has been basically controlled under the guidance of our government!It's exciting!Looking forward to the day when everything returns to normal, I believe our stone will be better and better!


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