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Trip to the Seaside---Kimstone Team 2021-09-15


Autumn in September, the most is the season of travel,.


in order to strengthen emotional communication between team members, new employees can better integrate into the collective and form a good team spirit. On September 11, our company organized a collective outdoor group construction activity in Pingtan with the theme of "create excellent team and create brilliant enterprise".


   Although it is close to the middle of September, the weather here is still hot and scorching, so the beach is the distance we look forward toSo we take our kamados, carry our banners, and set out for the poem and the distance we look forward to!

Along the way, each one has a singing voice, first by the business department colleagues presented the first song, and then the atmosphere is more and more warm, everyone enthusiastically sing their own good songs. 

The personnel department prepared snacks and games for us. Make the boring time on the bus meaningful

After two hours' drive, we arrived at our first stop -- Houyan Island. 

where the saying "long stones do not grow grass" was vividly demonstrated. 


Pingtan is the closest place from the Mainland of China to Taiwan, and Houyan Island is the closest place from Pingtan to Taiwan --68 nautical miles, which is about 126 kilometers.

A newly built colorful sightseeing road connects the mountain, sea and stone scenery of Houyan Island. The red asphalt road and the blue seascape scenery of Houyan Island reflect each other, forming an excellent visual impact. Everyone clocked in as a souvenir.

The island is also home to a number of Internet celebrities, and any shot is a stunning photo

After staying on Houyan Island for more than an hour, except for the wind and sunshine, the scenery is really hard to leave.But we have another stop on our way to ------- Beach BBQ


Tanan bay, is also a beautiful scenery of the beach, sand is more expensive than rice, thin soft sand, barefoot step up, really super comfortable ~ we are here to prepare for our rich BBQ lunch, really enjoy it ~


before the start, First we plant our flag on the seashore, today we will occupy this territory hahaha, because in China there is a saying, as long as we plant our flag, the area within 100 miles will be our territory

ha ha ha ah

After lunch, we ate enough to drink, three or three pairs of people went to the beach to walk, play water, catch crabs. Many families in Yunnan took photos to commemorate the first time they saw the sea.

After playing with the waves,  the workers returned to the base camp one after another. The barbecue was over, and everyone packed up for the last part of the birthday party and Mid-Autumn Festival cake.


The company put on birthday hats, cut cakes and sang birthday songs to celebrate the birthday of the partners in this quarter. 


After the birthday, we started to share the cake. The atmosphere was so high, the cheers went up and down, especially when we fought for the championship.

As a result of this hard work, the business department got the best record, contracting one special prize, one first prize and two third prizes. Hr awarded us the raffle tickets and awarded us prizes after returning to the company.


Happy time always passed very quickly, we cleaned up the site of sanitation, ready to start the last stop - Haitan ancient City, it is said that this is to spend 6.8 billion to build a building with antique flavor. Due to the typhoon, many shops were temporarily notified to close, so the flow of people was small. We also managed some streets of the first phase as soon as possible.

28.jpg 29.jpg

Walk around the ancient city, eat snacks, buy special products, feel the ancient architecture, and take a group photo, our one-day tour will draw a perfect end. Everyone with a lingering mood, but also with a vision of the future hope


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